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The dapple pattern is beautiful in dachshunds and is called "merle" in other breeds.  Because no two are ever identical in pattern,  you will have a very unique dog if you choose a dapple for your lifetime companion. As beautiful as they are, precaution must be taken when breeding them.

When bred together, two dapple dogs will produce double dapple puppies. Double dapple puppies/dogs are known for having many genetic and long-term health issues. If you are interested in adopting a dapple puppy, please do your research to become aware of these problems and always feel free to ask us any questios.

Although some breeders have produced gorgeous double dapples that became AKC champions in the past, many double dapples end up with blindness, deafness, missing eyes, and a variety of tragic defects. BrightStar Cherokee DoxieTribe discourages the practice of producing "Double Dapples".  ALWAYS BE INFORMED AND PLEASE INFORM OTHERS!
BrightStar Cherokee DoxieTribe

"Village of the Dreamcatching Doxie Clan"
"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men"
~Leonardo DaVinci~

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM A PUPPY MILL OR PET STORE (VERY OFTEN COME FROM PUPPY MILLS). Doing this just encourages these people to keep producing poor quality dogs with health issues, poor early upbringings, and worse. The majority of our puppies are sold as pets with out breeding rights. We only breed to produce our next show potential puppy. Those are always pets first & foremost, but are produced to perpetuate the breed standard. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE PUPPY YOU SEEK HERE AT BRIGHTSTAR CHEROKEE DOXIETRIBE, SAVE THE LIFE OF A DOG AT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER OR  ADOPT ONE FROM A LOCAL RESCUE GROUP. If you can not find one there, PLEASE CHECK WITH OTHER REPUTABLE BREEDERS, many of whom are located  on my "links" page.
BrightStar Cherokee DoxieTribe is able to offer high quality puppies for show, breeding and pet homes. Stud selection is subject to change prior to the actual breedings listed.
Pick of the litter and other show potential puppies will either remain here, or will only be placed with a show contract on a co-ownership arrangement.

"CH" Fancy Pants x 'CH' Oliver
"CH" Emma x GRCH Vondox Aska ML (Vondox Dachshunds)
Luna x Rowdy
All inquiries are welcomed and encouraged. However,  please keep in mind that we are breeding to develop  our own show lines. So, most puppies are released as pet only with limited AKC rights (no breeding) to people wanting a life-time companion to share their home life with them. Full AKC registrations are reserved for those educated in the breed with a full understanding of the dachshund breed standard. This education must also include knowledge in the positive reinforcement training technique, potential health issues known in the breed, nutritional requirements, AKC activities/events, and in ethical breeding practices.  We will always be available to help with any questions you may have. We enjoy being mentors to help you get the best out of your puppy experience.

Due not only to their beauty, but also to their amazing temperaments, whether pet or show  prospect, you will be happy with your BrightStar  addition to your family. Puppies will not, leave until at least 9 weeks old. They will come with current vaccines & worming, and will have their Heartgard regimen begun. We take great pride in our "Tribe" of dachshunds and work diligently to protect the lines in their pedigrees. Pedigrees available on request. We do not ship unless it is a co-owned show puppy for show purposes.  We encourage perspective families to pick up their puppy so they can see how she/he acts and are cared for, plus it provides an opportunity to meet the parents of the puppy. We are located in West TN and are willing to travel to meet new owners when feasible if necessary.
Top: "DELANA", BrightStar Dancing in the Circle For Delano MLD & puppies pictured just after birth.

Left: "OLIVER", AM/CAN Champion, SniffNTells I Repeat the Beat ML.
DELANA and Champion OLIVER blessed us with a happy, healthy litter of 5 puppies on Elvis Pressley's Birthday, Jan 8th. Since we live in Memphis and grew up with Elvis, this litter is being named in his memory. The three boys are Elvis, Aaron, and Presley, while the 2 girls are Lisa Marie and Priscilla :)