Degadageyusesdi (day-gah-dah-gay-you-seh-sdee)
"Let's all be good to one another"

Bright Star's Cherokee
Heart Page
Bright Star Cherokee Heart Page is a site that  I created 13 years ago on freeservers. I did not update it for a long time. When I did try to update it, I had forgotten my user name and password. I am currently rebuilding it for this site. I apologize for the broken links on the site, but please visit if you are interested in anything Cherokee. Click on the picture to visit the site.
My best friends are Dr. Tony Mack & Robin McClure. Tony Mack is a journalist, TV show producer, and author. Robin is the business manager for their  publishing company and a fellow RN. For those interested in learning how to trace their Cherokee ancestry, Tony's book "Cherokee Proud" is the answer. The book has been proclaimed to be "Absolutely the Bible of Cherokee Genealogy". It has been on the NY Times Best Sellers list. I have used the methods in this book to help many find their ancestral lines for years. I am honored to offer this book on my site. Please click the book for additional information. On the right, Robin is pictured with me Christmas 2003. On the right-top, Tony Mack & me in 1999 when he gave me a copy of the book at our powwow.
Deb "Bright Star" Stuckey dancing at Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama powwow
Left: One of my volunteer activities I enjoy is teaching children and visiting schools. This was a "Powwow" the kids were having as they learned Native American history in 2001.

Right: I was the Recreational Therapist/Activity Director at a local nursing home for several years and created many exciting activities for the residents. One of these was an annual Powwow held in the large dining area on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving every year. Thanks to the Bell family, my Choctaw buddies, for making this possible. The picture is of me & Bud Bell. Bud is an exciting competition dancer and is well-known around the country on the powwow circuit.
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